Today we’ll be passing the tropic of Capricorn. I thought it was going to be yesterday, but when we woke up this morning we were at about 22°S. The Tropic of Capricorn is the circle of latitude that contains the subsolar point at the December solstice. I thought it was 22.5°S, but actually it currently… Continue reading Capricorn

Las Palmas

We reached Las Palmas at 7:30 in the morning. I could feel the ship slow down as I woke up, and by the time I drew my curtains and looked outside I was string at a concrete quayside. We got an announcement on the ship’s tannoy at about 7:45 that  we would be bunkering soon,… Continue reading Las Palmas

Just Another Tuesday

It’s Tuesday and we’re more or less at the western end of the English Channel now. The challenge now is to try to find a new routine after leaving the one from the hotel behind. The seas are a bit rougher today – Still calm by any standard, but I’ve been feeling anxious about the… Continue reading Just Another Tuesday